The Masterwork Group is a weapon group consisting of cutlasses, sabres and broadswords.

The Masterwork blades are celebrated by any savvy swashbuckler or skilled swordsman. They are beautifully crafted, with intricate engravings and jewels embedded in the hilt, but anyone who would mistake them for flashy parade swords will regret it bitterly. The blades are so keenly honed that a skilled fencer can split hairs with them. This allows them to land Critical Strikes on the unfortunate opponent. The Famed weapons of the group are not as powerful as others, but can still pack a punch.

Higher versions also have boosts to the Sweep skill, as well as the third sword combo skill. (Cleave, Rapid Strike and Spin Cut respectively)

Masterwork Cutlasses

Sharp Cutlass Tempered Cutlass 2011-01-11 Engraved Cutlass Bejeweled CutlassNew
Masterwork Cutlass

Masterwork Sabres

Sharp Sabre 2010-12-24 Tempered Sabre 2010-11-23 Engraved Sabre 2010-11-25
Bejeweled Sabre 2010-11-27 Masterwork

Masterwork Broadswords

Sharp Broadsword Tempered Broadsword 2010-11-24 Engraved Broadsword Bejeweled clearer
Masterwork broad-clearer

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