The Monkey Group is a weapon group consisting of Cutlasses, Broadswords, Repeaters, Blunderbusses and Dolls.

Do you enjoy forgetting everything about civilization and jumping around like a maniac? Monkey weapons all have the Monkey Panic ability, which lets you go into a frenzy, roar like a gorilla and attack your enemies with primal fury! They also have the Sure Footed ability, which prevents you from being knocked to the ground. Most useful when fighting Stumps.


Monkey Cutlass Baboon Cutlass 2010-11-25 Orangutan Cutlass Gorillacard


Screenshot 2010-11-03 07-56-50 Baboon Broadsword OrangutanBroadSword Gorilla Broadsword


Monkey Repeater BaboonRepeater Orangutan repeater Gorilla Repeater


Monkey Blunderbuss 2010-12-06 Baboon Blunderbuss 2010-12-30 Gorillablunderupdated


Monkey Doll Chimpanzee Doll Card Baboon-doll Orangutan Doll - clearer

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