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The game of Pirates Online introduces a myriad of characters who populate the Caribbean islands, which the players do quests for and/or interact with.

Most of the characters are NOT in any of the films, novels or comic books. Often, they simply perform a service (Shipwright for selling and repairing ships or a Barber for changing hair styles), but many will be revisited by the player again and again for quest assignments (Captain Job or Josie McReedy the barmaid).

Some, like Scarlet do have a part in the POTC Lore, but are there to guide the player or are part of a quest, while there are the many host GMs of various groups, mainly the Marceline Guild, the Casa de Muertos, members of the East India Trading Company and people like Sir Victor Mayhew. The others also include Constance Sorrow, John Moses,Captain Cromwell and Old Soot

Film Characters

Film Characters Not in the Game (Referenced)

  • Weatherby Swann - The Port Royal governor's portrait can be found in numerous places around the islands.
  • Davy Jones - Though Jones himself has yet to make an appearance, his crew haunts Isla Tormenta.
  • Lord Cutler Beckett - The head of East India Trading Company development in the New World has his influence in many things even if he is unseen.
  • Mercer - Cutler Beckett's right-hand man. His weapon, Mercer's Blades, now renamed as Silver Freeze appears in the game.
  • Captain Teague - Jack Sparrow's father and keeper of the Pirate's Code. He is part of a quest but the player never meets him directly, nor does he make an appearance.
  • Blackbeard - Deadly pirate captain and practitioner of dark magic. His ship, The Queen Anne's Revenge appears in the game as a randomized flagship boss battle.
  • Angelica - Daughter of Blackbeard. First mate of Queen Anne's Revenge (replacing LaSchafe). Had a previous relationship with Jack Sparrow.

Black Pearl Crew

These characters are former members of Captain Jack Sparrow's crew, whom have gone their separate ways, but Jack tasks the pirate to help gather his old shipmates.

Merchants (By Island)

Port Royal


Padres Del Fuego


Host GM Characters

Marceline Guild

Casa de Muertos

Raven's Cove Ghosts

Pre-Invasion Ghosts

Holiday GMs

EITC Black Guard

Royal Navy

Misc. GMs


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