PvP Infamy Rewards Merchants sell a variety off Tattoos and Scars that require a certain Infamy rank to purchase.

PvP Infamy Rewards Tattoos and Battle Scars

Whenever you gain a PvP Infamy Rank a new Tattoo or Battle Scar is unlocked that you can buy at a PvP Infamy Rewards Merchant.

Facial Tattoos and Scars

Image Cost Tattoo Image Cost Tattoo
EyeTat 800 Gold InfamyFaceTattoo CheekTat 800 Gold InfamyCheekTattoo
PirateFaceBrand 800 Gold InfamyPirateBrandScar Voodoomasktattoo 1,000 Gold InfamyFaceVoodoo5
Voodoo forehead tattoo 1,000 Gold InfamyFaceVoodoo4 Voodoo Thorns Tattoo clearer 1,000 Gold InfamyFaceVoodoo3
Voodoo Circlet Tattoo clearer 1,000 Gold InfamyFaceVoodoo2
Voodoo Goggles Tattoo clearer
1,000 Gold InfamyFaceVoodoo1
Tribal Mouth Tattoo clearer
800 Gold InfamyTattooTribalFace
Tribal Cheek Tattoo clearer
800 Gold InfamyTatooTribalCheek

Arm Tattoos and Scars

Image Cost Scar Image Cost Scar
BulletArmWound 200 Gold InfamyBulletScars PirateArmBrand 200 Gold InfamyPirateBrandScar

Chest Tattoos and Scars

Image Cost Scar Image Cost Scar
BulletChestWound 200 Gold InfamyBulletScars PirateChestBrand 200 Gold InfamyPirateBrandScar


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