The Sacred group is a weapon group consisting of Cutlasses, Sabres, Pistols, Repeaters and Muskets.

These blessed instruments of war are especially designed to slay hordes of undead and protect a pirate from evil spirits and the likes. They all have the Cleanse ability in common. With it, they can heal wounds, cure diseases, lift curses and regrow hair! Versions rank two and up also have Life Drain immunity and various other boosts.


Sacred Cutlasses

Silver Cutlass Holy Cutlass Sacred Cutlass Divine Cutlass


Silver Sabre Holy Sabre 2010-12-08 Sacred Sabre - clearer DivineSabre


Silver Pistol 2010-11-16 Holy Pistol 2010-12-05 Sacred pistol

Repeater Pistols

Silver Repeater HolyRepeater UpdatedSacredRepeater


Silver Musket Holy musket SacredMusket

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