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These overgrown arachnids have been cursed by Jolly Roger, and can be found on many Wild Islands as well as secluded areas of the main islands.

Frightful and aggressive, they have bad tempers and will charge at pirates venturing too close; even rearing up on their back legs to attack with claws and their hideous stinger.

Types of Scorpions

Scorpion Bosses

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Scorpions will attack anyone that gets near their territory. The damage the attack causes depends on the level of the scorpion.

Rearup - The scorpion attempts to intimidate its attacker by standing on its hind legs. It deals minimal damage.

Right Pincer - The scorpion uses his right pincer to injure the enemy. It deals low damage.

Left Pincer - The scorpion uses his left pincer to injure the enemy. It deals low damage.

Dual Pincer - The scorpion attacks the victim with both claws. Medium attack, it deals more damage.

Tail Sting - The scorpion poisons the victim with his deathly venom. Medium attack, wounds the victim for a while.

Pickup - The scorpion attempts to embrace the victim with its powerful claws, and stings them with its tail. This is the most powerful attack a scorpion will perform.


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