The Scoundrel Group is a weapon group consisting of Pistols, Muskets and Throwing Knives.

Are you the kind of pirate to stab, shoot and double cross your enemies, and then beg for mercy when you are caught? The aptly named Scoundrel weapons are ideal for those relentless, immoral and ruthless rascals out there who know every dirty trick in the book and and aren't afraid to use them. Throw dirt in your enemies' eyes, shoot, stab and dodge your way through the ranks of the enemy, and then - when you're cornered - yell "Not in the Face!"


Scallywag's Pistol Robbers Pistol 2010-12-16 Scoundrel's Pistol - clearer


Scallywag's Musket Robber's Musket Scoundrel's musket

Throwing Knives

Scallywag's Knives Robber's Knives - clearer Scoundrel's Knives - clearer

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