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Sea Chest 1
Sea Chest 2

Pirates live out of their Sea Chest –– everything you need is kept here. Really. It's amazing the things a Pirate can find crammed into their Sea Chest . Open it up and take a look.

Sea Chest 3

Sea Chest

Friends (Hot Key - F)

This panel gives you easy access to your Friends list, your current Crewmates, your Pirate Crew and your Guild Members.


Click this button to open or put away your compass.

Map (Hot Key - M)

Click and drag your mouse along the map to explore the Caribbean. Zoom in and out of the Map with your mouse wheel to focus on a single area or to see the big picture. The Map will faithfully pinpoint your location at sea. Keep an eye on it to avoid getting lost between islands. An avatar icon appears next to the island you are on if ashore. A ship icon will appear when you are sailing.

The Map will also guide your teleportation. To teleport to an island, click on its image on the Map . You'll earn the ability to teleport to the Caribbean's various islands by completing Quests.

The tab above the Map shows the Ocean you are currently in. If the Caribbean seems overly crowded, or if it feels too empty, teleport to another Ocean where the balance of players is more to your liking. Just click on the gold arrow at the bottom of the tab to open the list of available worlds.

Sea Chest 4

Map Panel

Inventory (Hot Key - I)

Your weapons are all that stand between you and your enemies -- and you've got a lot of enemies out there. Take some advice -- become highly skilled with as many weapons as possible. Fill up your store of tonics as well for those moments when you need instant healing.

Equip your weapons by dragging and dropping the weapon you’d like to equip into one of the four available weapon slots.

You can use any of your weapons by pressing the associated Hot Key button on your keyboard. Hit the same Hot Key button again to put the weapon away.

F1 Weapon 1
F2 Weapon 2
F3 Weapon 3
F4 Weapon 4


Jack Sparrow put it well -- a ship is freedom. As soon as you can, upgrade from your Light Sloop to a ship that's better tailored to your needs. Do you fancy a racer that can outrun enemy ships? Or are you more inclined to give up speed for cargo space so that you can plunder a bit more before having to dock? Is heavy firepower your main desire? The choice is yours, depending on the size of your wallet, of course. Remember, you can own more than one ship. If you can afford it, assemble your own fleet!

All the ships you own can be seen in the Ships Panel. To get to one of your ships, find a dinghy. Interact with the dinghy by pressing SHIFT and a menu will pop up. Select a ship and you'll automatically row out to your ship.

Sea Chest 5

Ships Panel


All your worldly wealth lies here -- the gold you won by cheating, jewels you've found, those Navy Medals you fought for-- basically, anything you've discovered that has any worth. This includes cheat cards you may have earned through special Quests -- you might want to use those in your next card game to tilt the odds a bit.

Sea Chest 6

Treasure Panel

Choose a Ship

On the Ships Panel, you'll also have the ability to teleport to another Pirate's ship whether that Pirate is a Friend, Crewmate, Guild Member.

Skills (Hot Key - K)

This panel allows you to manage your Weapon Skills. As you use each weapon and gain proficiency with it, you'll earn valuable Skill Points. Use these to learn new skills for that weapon, or to improve your abilities with skills you already have.

Sea Chest7

Skills Panel

How to Apply a Skill Point

Each time your Pirate gains a level in a Weapon, you earn 1 Skill Point for that Weapon. You can then spend these Skill Points to unlock new Skills or upgrade existing Skills to make them more powerful. Each weapon has a level cap of 25, so you can gain up to 24 skill points per weapon.

To spend a Skill Point, open up your Skill Panel (K) in your Sea Chest. Next, click on the Weapon Tab that matches the weapon you want to upgrade. The Skill Icons that are fully colored represent Skills that you have already learned, while partially transparent Skill Icons represent Skills that you have unlocked, but still need to be purchased by spending a Skill Point. The empty black circles you see represent Skills that can be unlocked in the future by leveling up that Weapon.

Game Tip: To re-assign a skill point, visit any Trainer inside a Gunsmith or Blacksmith Shop on Tortuga, Port Royal, or Padres del Fuego.

1st Retraining 250 gold
2nd Retraining 2,500 gold
3rd Retraining 10,000 gold
*All retraining after the 3rd time costs 10,000 gold

Sea Chest 9

How to Apply a Skill Point

You will see a number of dots underneath each of the Skill Icons - these indicate your Rank in that particular Skill. Skills with a higher Rank are more powerful and inflict more damage on an enemy during battle.
You can spend a Skill Point to upgrade your Rank on a Skill by clicking on the Skill Icon. Please note - a Skill cannot be upgraded past Rank 5.

Sea Chest 10

There are three major categories of Skills. Skills in the topmost row are Attack or Combo Skills that can be triggered by using the Attack button (Left Mouse or CTRL). Skills in the middle ring are Skills that show up in your Skill Bar. These need to be triggered manually during combat. Lastly the bottom-most row contains your Passive Skills. Passive Skills grant your Pirate new abilities that are permanently active in the background. These Skills do not need to be triggered manually like the other skills.

Sea Chest 11

Quest Journal (Hotkey - J)

Becoming truly notorious requires a Pirate to do daring deeds. Many of these deeds will take the form of Quests -- tasks you undertake to advance your skills and achieve your goals. You can work on several Quests at once, and your Quest Journal will keep track of each of them for you. Click on it to review your instructions and check your progress.

Some Quests are optional and can be dropped at any time. To drop an optional Quest, click on that Quest in your Quest Journal and then click Drop.

Sea Chest 12

Quest Panel Button


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