The Voodoo Hunter Group is a weapon group consisting of Cutlasses, Sabres and Broadswords.

The Voodoo Hunter blades were created by an obscure little order of knights who came to the New World in order to execute what they called "The New Inquisition". Their goal was to eradicate all use of what they deemed to be black voodoo magic. They created these magical (Not voodoo-magical, of course!) anti-voodoo weapons to help them in their quest. The order failed miserably, but to this day the weapons they left behind are used by the residents of the Caribbean to help them in battle with pesky voodoo enemies. There's still a fair bit of magic left in them, and they may give the wielder a Healing Boost or strip an enemy of its voodoo power with Voodoo Damage.


Voodoo Hunter Cutlass - Common Witch Hunter Cutlass Screenshot 2011-08-22 13-26-05


Voodoo Hunter Sabre2 Witch Hunter Sabre Sabre of the Inquisition - clearer


Voodoo Hunter Broadsword Witch Hunter Broadsword - clearer Broadsword of the Inquisition

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