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Catherine Harcourt is a Game Master and an officer of the Marceline Guild.

"Catherine’s father came to the Caribbean as a shipwright’s assistant, but soon discovered running rum was much more profitable. He carved out a thriving business and provided well for Catherine and her mother. But one day the EITC came knocking. They wanted a share of his profits for protection against “Pirates and other scoundrels”, but the EITC did not mention that THEY were the scoundrels! When Catherine’s father refused the pricey protection, things started going badly. Soon, he was accused of illegal smuggling and lost everything. He returned to England broken and humiliated. Catherine swore revenge against the EITC and stayed behind.

To find work, she dressed as a man and signed on with a French privateer ship. Catherine proved herself an able sailor, but was wounded during a battle, and the ship’s doctor discovered her true identity. Catherine was marooned on a deserted island for her deception. For this crafty young lady, it was a mere setback. She found a beached skiff, repaired it and sailed back to Port Royal … even before the Captain who marooned her! Catherine’s reputation as a cunning and beautiful sailor made her a local legend.

Catherine helps the Marceline guild smuggle goods right under the nose of the EITC. She’s savvy enough NOT to divulge her hatred for Lord Beckett’s troops. In fact, a junior officer in the EITC Black Guard is courting Catherine. This lovesick young man regularly blurts top secret information when he’s filled with grog and wanting to impress Catherine. She keeps up appearances through her business of selling trinkets and fine dress clothes to clothing merchants in the Caribbean." - From Pirates Online.

Skill Levels

  • Notoriety: Level 48
  • Cannon: Level 25
  • Sailing: Level 25
  • Sword: Level 30
  • Gun: Level 30
  • Voodoo Doll: Level 30
  • Dagger: Level 25
  • Grenade: Level 25
  • Voodoo Staff: Level 27

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