Gm cave raid

Cave Raids were GM-hosted events, which proceeded though the cavern systems of Tortuga - after the Cave Expansion by the undead army of Jolly Roger. It was held on all "B" servers from 2:00-3:00P.M and 5:00-6:00P.M. The Cave Raids were to attack undead within that were supposedly going to lay siege on the islands.The Cave Raids were a duration of 1 hour. The GMs of the Marceline guild boldly lead many buccaneers throughout the grottoes on a crusade to weaken Roger's underground strongholds. Along the way, the Casa de Muertos guild was encountered.


Jolly Roger's undead army was growing within the caves of Tortuga. The undead may have attacked the town if we did not raid the cave system of Tortuga.The idea was to wipe out most of Jolly Roger's undead army in Thieves' Den on Tortuga. Then the buccaneers and the GMs encountered the Casa de Muertos along the way. It was considerably successful. It was lead by Captain Walter himself.

Casa de Muertos Involvement

The members of the guild threatened the buccaneers that threatened them. They did this by unleashing a terrifying power made by Jolly himself. Whoever resisted got attacked. Usually they would flee into the forests of Tortuga because of the overwhelming amount of pirates. Captain Rott also occasionally whispered to the buccaneers and if they argued then the unlucky pirate(s) would get knocked out.

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