Potco logo scroll skull hor Pirates of the Caribbean Online is now closed.
This page will now serve as an archive for the content that was in POTCO, and a record of what is/will be in TLOPO.

The Century Hawk is a Bounty Hunter War Galleon that will relentlessly track a wanted pirate ship down. It currently appears as a bounty hunter in the Scoundrel of the Seas update.

It uses Round Shot for broadsides and Firebrand for deck cannons, and also has sails that appear to be of the same patched design as those on the Black Pearl, although the sails of the Century Hawk have a dagger emblem like some ships in Cannon Defense.

Like all hunters, this ship is notably faster and more powerful than other ships in its class. However, it still seems to retain the Galleon weakness of lower bow armor.

Century Hawk


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