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This page will now serve as an archive for the content that was in POTCO, and a record of what is/will be in TLOPO.

Cannon chain shot

Chain Shot is a special cannon round made from two smaller cannonballs, joined by a length of chain. When fired, they act as a powerful bolo, which can damage and destroy a ship's masts and sails very quickly, but do very little damage on hulls. With Rank 5 Chain Shot, a pirate can take down most masts with 2 shots.

Chain Shot is the first special cannon round a pirate can obtain, available at Cannon Skill Level 2. Chain Shot can be purchased at any gunsmith.

To use Chain Shot, be stationed at a cannon and press 2 or click ChainShot.

Once two rounds have been fired, it will take several seconds to reset. You can improve your reload speed by using the Passive Skill Rapid Reload.

Below is a table of Cannon Damage for Chain Shot:

Rank Damage
1 129 to 258
2 162 to 323
3 194 to 388
4 226 to 452
5 233 to 465
Only with Cannon Ram Boost
6 ?
7 276 to 552
8 ?
  • Please note damage ranges listed are before any additional damage bonus, i.e. Barrage.


  • Chain shot has a very short range. It is a good idea to move your cannon to its highest angle for shooting chain shot.
Chain Shot card

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