Stick Pirates
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Hello my name is Bartholemew Chainflint, today I am gonna teach you how to properly use a cutlass in a fun interesting way :). First get yourself a decent cutlass, sabre, or broadsword say attack 20 or above (your sword needs to be roughly level 5 or higher and unlimited access.) BTW, I use Razortooth Sword attack 81, great sword, fight in tormenta or the mines forr it because it is cursed. Level 24 and up. Next go to one of the places on this chart according to the appropriate level of your pirate.

1) Sword level 5-10 Notoriety level 8-12 try Tortuga Graveyard in Tortuga

2) Sword level 10-15 Notoriety level 12-17 try fighting in Rumrunner's Isle

3) Sword level 15-20 Notoriety level 17-23 try in the Catacombs in Padres del Fuego

4) Sword level 20-25 Notoriety level 23-30 try fighting the harder enemies in Kingshead

5) Sword level 25-30 Notoriety level 30-37 try fighting near the entry (inside) Cursed Caverns in Isla Tormenta

Congrats you've mastered your sword!

That's how I'd like to to end this but i still have to teach you the tactics.


The title says it all. Hide in a corner with a sword with rolling attack. Jump from the corner, lash your sword, and gracefuly descend into a rolling attack.


This is one of my favorites. Walk toward your enemy do a bladestorm then during the bladestorm do a sweep with practice this will become a single motion.

The Flying Broom

Jump as high as you can, in the air do a sweep as you touch the ground do a bladestorm. This sorta a reverse BladeSweep. 20:45, April 17, 2011 (UTC)Bartholemew Chainflint, respected member of Mcraging24.46.125.229 20:45, April 17, 2011 (UTC)

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