Chicken 1
Chicken 2

Chickens are a type of bird found in numerous places throughout the Caribbean. These birds do not appear as a threat to the player, they just stand around and peck at the ground.

Historically, they were brought from Europe by settlers to be a source of food and many can be found wandering aimlessly on several populated islands.

They are able to be located near Big Phil on Tortuga, in the center of Cuba, and near the Skull's Thunder tavern on Padres Del Fuego.

Game Notes

  • The player is able to summon a pet chicken by using the potion Summon Chicken. This 'pet' chicken will follow the player's pirate around for a short time.
  • In April 2012, Disney pulled a prank on the community saying there would be invasions of undead chickens. This was a hoax.

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