The pirate can chain or 'combo' their primary Sword (Cutlass, Sabre or Broadsword) or Dagger attack skills together to hit their enemies with ever-increasingly lethal attacks. It pays not to just button mash (rapidly hit the attack button or key).

To perform a Combo, the pirate first needs to have more than 1 ability in their respective weapon. Each time they add a new attack ability; they add another part to their combo ability. If an attack skill is not known, the combo will skip to the next.

Using Combos

Combinations come down to timing. After the first attack, watch the movement of the blade and the motion trail behind it. As the pirate completes the stroke, hit the Attack button or key again (Left-mouse button or Left CTRL key). If timed correctly, the pirate will perform the next move in the combo.

Continuing to hit each timed attack will continue to do damage to an enemy, until the pirate reaches their last ability, miss, or the enemy deflects the attack. If you 'mis-time' the following attack, it will produce less damage and the combo run ends as well. The words 'MIS-TIMED' will appear to let you know.

At that point, the pirate will have to go back to their first attack to build the next combination.

Following a successfully completed combo, there may also be a slight lag as the pirate resets their attack, however Finesse decreases that wait time.

Cutlass Combos

Screenshot 2010-10-30 21-39-29 Screenshot 2010-10-30 21-39-34 Screenshot 2010-10-30 21-39-40 Screenshot 2010-10-30 21-39-45
Hack- Basic swing Slash- Back swing Cleave- Powerful downward strike Flourish- A flurry of quick strokes
Screenshot 2010-10-30 21-39-51
Thrust- A finishing stab

Dagger Combos

Screenshot 2010-10-30 21-40-35 Screenshot 2010-10-30 21-40-39 Screenshot 2010-10-30 21-40-47 Screenshot 2010-10-30 21-40-51
Cut- A basic strike Swipe- A quick blade-spinning
Gouge- A direct downward stab Eviscerate- Multiple vicious slices

Sabre Combos

Screenshot 2010-10-30 21-40-09 Screenshot 2010-10-30 21-40-13 Screenshot 2010-10-30 21-40-17 Screenshot 2010-10-30 21-40-21
High Cut- A short upper swing. Low Slash- Graceful, downward swipe. Rapid Strike- Set of quick, vicious stabs. Slice & Dice- A flurry of cuts.
Screenshot 2010-10-30 21-40-28
Cyclone Cut- The pirate performs
a circular spin
before striking.

Broadsword Combos

Screenshot 2010-10-30 21-38-15 Screenshot 2010-10-30 21-38-20 Screenshot 2010-10-30 21-38-25 Screenshot 2010-10-30 21-38-32
Chop - A basic swing Roundhouse- Pirate spins
their arm all the way
around before striking.
Spin Cut- The pirate whips
their whole body around to strike.
Reverse Spin Cut- Spin Cut the opposite direction.
Screenshot 2010-10-31 08-24-36
Jumping Slash- The pirate
leaps up, then strikes

Throwing Knives Combos

Screenshot 2010-10-30 21-38-53 Screenshot 2010-10-30 21-39-06 Screenshot 2010-10-30 21-39-11 Screenshot 2010-10-30 21-39-17
Knife Throw- Pirate throws knife similar to Asp. Left-Handed Throw- Like Knife Throw but with the other hand. Double Throw- Both Knife Throw and Left-Handed Throw at the same time. Twin Backhand- Two Sidewinders.

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