Plain cotton jacket2

Cotton Jackets are common jackets that can be found in a variety of colors from several select Tailors. They can only be worn by Unlimited Access members. Unique and usually much brighter colors of this item can only be found in loot drops. Brighter colored versions of this jacket are very difficult to find. Its is currently the only male coat that has brighter colors found in loot.

Loot Variations

(Colors only available from loot drops)

Bright Blue Bright Green Bright Orange Bright Red Bright Yellow
Dark Black Forest Green Lavender Magenta Navy Blue

Store Variations

(Colors available for purchase from a tailor; may also be found in loot drops)

  • Note: Even though the resale spot says 600 gold in these photos, the resale value for all variations of this item will always remain at 30 gold.

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