Crossed Flintlocks Chest Tattoo New

The Crossed Flintlocks Chest Tattoo is a common Chest Tattoo that can be worn by both male and females. This tattoo is available at all the Tattoo Parlors. You can add this tattoo by dragging it to the Chest Slot in the Jewelry & Tattoos Tab in your Inventory (I).

  • Store Price: 800 Gold
  • Resale Price: 40 Gold
Crossed Flintlocks Full Chest Tattoo

Game Note:

  • There use to be an older variant of this Tattoo for the old discontinued body types named Crossed Flintlocks Full Chest Tattoo for the resale price is 70 gold, for the estimate price it might of been probably 1,500 gold if you were to purchase it at the Tattoo Parlors.

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