Dummy curse
Voodoo curse

Curse is a low damaging voodoo doll hex that places a curse on an enemy, so they suffer an additional 30% damage from any other attack. Upgrades prolong the effect. The target must first be attuned to have this hex work. When used, a green skull will appear on the victim.

Curse Rank Duration(in seconds)
1 60
2 75
3 90
4 105
5 120
(Only through a Curse Boost)
6 135
7 142
  • Unlocks at Doll Skill Level 6 (Even though it unlocks at Level 6, Basic Members may not be able to learn or use this skill)
  • Voodoo used: 30 points

To use Curse, have your Doll out and Attuned to an enemy - then press 4 or click on CurseSkill.

Game Note

Spending skill points for Conservation will reduce the voodoo power cost.

Conservation Rank Voodoo Used
0 30
1 29
2 28
3 26
4 25
5 24

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