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Cursed fire
Cursed fire2
Cursed fire3
Cursed fire4
Cursed fire5

This weapon skill is limited to a few select weapons, and causes the pirate's sword to do a hack of green fire at the enemy when activated. When these flames touch an enemy, they instantly combust into green fire and get a burn duration. Cursed Fire charges over time when the weapon is equipped.

If cursed fire is used, all weapons with Blood Fire will have green fire rather then orange, until you log out. At times, a glitch will occur, making the blade stay inflamed forever until you unequip it or use the skill again.

Weapons with this Skill


Doom Rattler - clearer Darkfire cutlass


Blightfang Edge - clearer Huller ripper card
Deepwater Blade Spinecrest Sword


Doom Stinger

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