Silver Freeze sweep
Screenshot 2011-11-28 17-14-06
Cursed ice

Cursed Ice is a skill found on some of the Cursed Blades in El Patron's stash. This skill does one hack that freezes the enemy in place, giving the pirate a few valuable seconds to attack, free from reprisal. It takes 50 voodoo to perform this skill and it is crucial and very helpful for the defeat of a Rage Ghost.

Sometimes, a glitch will occur, making the blade stay covered in ice forever until you unequip it or use the skill again.

Weapons with this Skill


Bitter End, Grave Reaper

Bitter-End Grave Reaper sabre


Tyrant Blade, Sharkfang Blade

Tyrant Blade - clearer Sharkfangblade


Whalebone Blade, Grim Hound Blade

Whalebone Blade Cursed Blade Grim hound blade

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