This is an Official Player's Guide from the Pirates Online Website.
All credit goes to Pirates Online. This is merely a resource guide.


Every pirate's favorite weapon –– a heavy, curved blade perfect for slashing and parrying. Will Turner introduces you to the basic skills of Hack , Slash , and Sweep –– but it's up to you to practice and learn new skills. Get as much practice with your Cutlass as possible and learn to put your skills together in powerful Combos.

Cutlass 1

Game Tip: Enemies, especially Skeletons, Navy guards, and EITC Black Guards, move around a lot during a fight. If you're using Cutlass, stay close to your target so that your attacks will hit home.

Cutlass Skills

Type Skills Description
Hack Combo A quick opening attack
Slash Combo A broad slash
Cleave Combo A mighty overhead cleave
Flourish Combo A series of fast slashes
Thrust Combo A fancy finishing thrust
Parry Passive Parry enemy attacks –– chance to block incoming Combat Attacks
Endurance Passive Increases maximum Health
Taunt Special Pulls enemy Aggression
Brawl Special Fight dirty –– this stuns your opponent
Sweep Special A wide circular slash –– hits all nearby enemies
Blade Storm Special Delivers a barrage of sword slashes


Longer with a stronger base than the Cutlass, Broadswords are known for their slashing and crushing ability and can be looted from downed enemies. Keep a sharp eye for this new class of blade, they make great additions to any arsenal.


Long used as a cavalry weapon, the various Sabres found in El Patron's Lost Weapons cache are a highly sought after commodity. When wielded by a Pirate, it's long straight blade and hand guard make it a dangerous weapon against any foe.

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