This is an Official Player's Guide from the Pirates Online Website.
All credit goes to Pirates Online. This is merely a resource guide.


Rule Number One: Use the pointy end of this weapon on your opponent. Rule Number Two: Use Rule Number One a lot. The Dagger is also the only Close Combat Weapon that is also a Range Weapon –– you can stab with it, or throw it at a more distant opponent.

Dagger 1

Dagger Skills

Type Skills Description
Cut Combo An opening cut
Swipe Combo A whirling dagger attack
Gouge Combo A powerful downward slice
Eviscerate Combo Delivers three quick cuts
Finesse Passive Decreases recharge time for Dagger and Cutlass Skills
Blade Instinct Passive Increases Cutlass and Dagger Combat damage
Asp Special Basic dagger throw
Adder Special Poisoned dagger throw
Throw Dirt Special Fight dirty –– this blinds your opponents temporarily
Sidewinder Special Sidearm dagger throw
Viper Nest Special Throw a brace of daggers

Throwing Dagger Belts

Type Description Cost Where
Small Belt Can carry more throwing daggers 200 Purchase from Blacksmith
Medium Belt Can carry more throwing daggers 800 Purchase from Blacksmith
Large Belt Can carry more throwing daggers 2400 Purchase from Blacksmith

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