Damage over Time effects are status effects that are applied to a target, reducing their Health until the effect expires or is removed. In Pirates Online, DoT effects cannot reduce a target's health to zero, leaving it at 1 health point. Several skills can inflict DoT. Some Weapon Skills can inflict DoT as well. There are several different DoT conditions:


Poisons are substances either from a creature's bite or sting, or from venom applied to bullets or blades. Pirates can poison an enemy with the Adder Dagger skill or the Venom Shot Pistol Skill.

Pirate Skills:

Weapon Skills:

Enemies that use poison in battle:

You can heal this affect with the skill Cleanse.


Strong acids can burn through many kinds of materials, including tissue. Pirates can inflict acid burns on an enemy with the Pestilence skill.

Pirate Skills:

Enemies that use acid in battle:


Fire can burn through all. Pirates can set enemies ablaze with the Scorch, Flaming Skull, Fire Bomb, Cursed Fire, and Inferno Sweep skills.

Pirate Skills:

Weapon Skills:

Enemies that use fire in battle:


A wounded fighter who is in continued pain will keep losing small amounts of health until the wound heals.

Pirates can wound enemies with the Sidewinder skill, as well as with Cannon (Enemy crew only) and Grenades if they have the Shrapnel skill.

Pirate Skills:

Weapon Skills:

Enemies that wound their opponents in battle:

You can heal this affect with the skill Cleanse.


Curses increase your attack power, but they also slowly wound an enemy.

Pirate skills

Enemies that curse your pirate:

Enemies that Wound Over Time

Enemy Attack Damage
Spanish Undead Conquistador Dual Cutlass X-Slash
Dual Cutlass Core
Big Alligator Crushing Bite Wounded
Huge Alligator Crushing Bite Wounded
General Darkhart Double Cut
Throwing Blade
Undead Executioner Wild Swing
Savage Blow
Samuel Wild Swing Wounded
Hired-Guns Adder
Crippling Blade
Flotsam Wild Swing Wounded

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