Stick Pirates
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The listed places that I am going to give you, are places that commonly have Legendary Blades drop in loot. But, it will depend on your luck, as well. I have found Emerald Curse here, and my friend has found World Eater Blade here as well, so I'm assuming these are "Good Luck" Spots.

1. Try these servers first of all, Legassa, Monada, Vachira, Tortos, Bequermo, and Fragilles.

2. Try the following locations: Darkhart, Isla Tormenta, Raven's Cove, Remington.

For Raven's Cove, go to El Patron's Mine. Before entering, note The Southeren Idol. There are Four Ghosts there. The ghosts may be level 33-40 and can be Mutineer or Devious.

Use a strong Blunderbuss with the Steel Shot ammo and kill the ghosts. Continue doing this until you get a good loot drop.

For Isla Tormenta, get a broadsword or a gun with steel shot. Then, circle around Tormenta while defeating the enemies on the way.


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