Stick Pirates
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This is a Guide about Scoundrel of the Seas. The first step to scoundrel is to get near Navy, or EITC ships. To get started I would say best way is to sink The Queen Anne's Revenge. Then, sink big ships to get level 3 of Scoundrel. Then sink Hunters and other big ships. Also Hunters and Warships are random like other ships. You may see that hunters and warships are hard to sink. They have a lot of bounty, every ship has their own level. Bounty is picked from level. When Warships and Hunters circle, they are trying to get island faster than your ship to block you. You need to be fast to get to the island first. If they get there first, they will block island, thus blocking you from porting. Then you have to find a new place to port. If you are looking for Scoundrel of Seas page click here.

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