Stick Pirates
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Hi, I am Davy Gunfish. Over the years of playing POTCO I have gotten many Famed items in loot, and now I'm here to show you how to loot!

Things to Know

Now before we get down to business, you need to know where and what these things are.

General Darkhart


General Darkhart

This is a famous boss that is usually crowded. He is found in Padres Del Fuego Town, which is overrun by the Undead. The regular way to reach him is to enter Beckett's Quarry, then manuever the caves. Another way is a glitch in Fort Dundee.

"He appears at Level 28-35 (12,750 - 16,250 health), has lethal dagger attacks, and a sword for close-range combat. He is the strongest out of all the generals."

- From General Darkhart

He can be found on the map below.

Darkhart Map

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