Camera Note: The information in this article is from the movie(s) and does not appear in the
Pirates of the Caribbean Online game. It is merely here for background information.
Black Pearl Locker Expanse

Davy Jones' Locker is a dimension to which souls claimed by the sea, or devoured by the Kraken, were sent - according to myth. Possibly, it functions like the Catholic concept of purgatory, and souls must remain until their final judgment or it could be the sailor's idea of Hell.

It can also be used as a term to simply refer to the bottom of the ocean.

People imprisoned there are technically in limbo (not dead), which may explain why Barbossa was able to come back from the dead but not Jack Sparrow, as he was trapped there - not killed.

The only way to reach the Locker without Davy or Kraken was to find World's End, a waterfall-portal (some take it as the literal edge of the world) which is found using the navigational charts of Sao Feng, however only Jack Sparrow deduced that a ship must be up-ended to transform from one world to the next. It can be reached through.

Game Notes

  • This is just listed as background information. It is not currently part of the game. However, in Cave of Lost Souls, there is a glitch in the tunnel going to the boss that you run through a rock and you will drop into a sandy area with nothing in it, similar to World's End. You can kill fire bats and a few ghost from here.
  • The area outside the game and under the sea and islands is actually colored like sand and looks like Davy Jones' Locker. And when ships sink the model does go down into the area before disappearing.
  • In PVP, there is a secret cave that can be reached by jumping through trees at the edge of the map. You could just expect from any other glitch-water and such, but there is one, scary difference. A vomit-shaded cave entrance stands blank in the middle of the water. If you enter that entrance, it will bring you to an island much like Davy Jones' Locker. There is absolutely nothing there. The only way to leave this island is to log out.

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