Deaf Gunny
Icon gunsmith

Deaf Gunny is a popular gunsmith on Padres Del Fuego, and proprietor of Deaf Gunny's Weapons.

The retired gunner's mate offers the usual array of pistols and bullets, grenades, and cannon rounds plus ammunition pouches, sacks and barrels (as all gunsmiths do). He wears a discontinued Rough Tricorne, coveted by many.

Weapons in Stock

Name Damage Cost
Ornate Pistol 53 1,330g
Steel Repeater 6 2,180g
Ornate Repeater 15 2,810g
Volley Pistol 26 3,700g
Boarding Musket 46 2,180g
Royal Musket 66 3,700g
Fine Blunderbuss 52 2,590g
Royal Blunderbuss 72 4,230g
Master Bayonet 60 3,200g
Steel Bayonet 40 1,800g

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