Death Omen clearer
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The Death Omen is a class of heavy War Frigate in service of Jolly Roger. This vessel carries three Deck Cannons and seven Broadside Cannons on each side.

Appearing at Level 41-43, the Death Omen is considered one of the most dangerous ships in the Caribbean; pray you have luck or a fast ship under your feet!

In addition to traditional ammunition, it attacks with Broadsides of Fury rounds, and Thunderbolts on the Deck Guns. Lots of them can be found near Padres Del Fuego and Kingshead (the Hinterseas).

Not only is this ship very powerful, but it used to be one of the most elusive and difficult to find. Thanks to the greater number of ships in the skeleton armada, due to an update, it is a lot easier to find these ships.

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