Stick Pirates
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Skull loot


Ay whats up. This is my first guide, so feel free to add as you want but please don't take anything away. So let's gets started. If you have a War Galleon or a War Frigate that would help you the most. First things first: Try being on a quiet server usually there won't be a big ship out plundering, that would help a lot because that means more people are looking for loot and you will have a bigger crew and then you will be able to sink stronger ships, etc. Now, if you are limited access it is best if you want to sink big ships I would try Phantoms, Ironwalls and Marauders if you have a light galleon, but be careful around Ironwalls they're very strong compared to light galleons now if you want to find these ships try around Cutthroat Isle. If you have Unlimited Access try to max out the Treasure Sense skill on your sailing skills page, this will increase quality of your loot so your not always getting those little cargo crates that are worth very little gold, you have increased chance of getting a Loot Chest, Loot Skull Chest, or a Royal Chest. Click this link to look at types of cargo and what they may have inside: Cargo Types and what they may have in them.

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