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Devil Root

Devil Root is an enormous Twisted Stump Boss, much more vile and horrible than any average stump. He has been spotted at Level 33-40, and his HP is from 15,250 to 18,750! Devil Root is commonly hunted down because of his convenient area, and the fact that perhaps he is the second-hardest land monster to be found in the Caribbean.

He currently resides in the dangerous Outcast Isle. Never attack him alone unless you want to face a horrible, horrible end. Crews work best with this twisted tree stump boss.

Devil Root is found behind one of the two islands where the stumps wander around at. If you don't find him, try the other island.

Be careful, because he is guarded by several Ancient Flytraps.

Game Notes

  • Devil Root will always respawn in the same location, flanked by Ancient Flytraps, on Outcast Isle.
  • Devil Root used to drop no loot at all. They have recently fixed this with the Raven's Cove update.
  • Devil Root used to be the toughest land boss but now Foulberto Smasho holds this title, along with Jumbee boss LaSchafe.
  • There is a certain spot somewhere on the right side of Devil Root that will cause him to glitch. If you are on the spot, when you attack him, he will not fight back, however he will be able to do Earthquake on you. This glitch will not work for long, so be prepared to take defense.


Devilroot location

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