Disconnection is what happens when your game stops working, encounters excessive lag, or you are inactive for a long period of time. When you are disconnected, you will receive a pop-up in the middle of your screen that says, "Your internet connection has been unexpectedly broken", or something along those lines. When you click the check button, the game window will be closed and you will have to log back on through the Launcher.

Types of Disconnections

Server Crash/Reset


There are instances of Server Crashes, or District Resets. These aren't caused by players, and everyone on the specific server is booted. Server crashed can be caused by server instability, an extremely large amount of people on that server at one time, or a hacker causing it to crash.

Loss of Internet Connection


If a player's home internet connection is severed for an extended period of time, the game will close up, preventing the user from logging in until their computer is reconnected to the internet.

Unexpected Error


Sometimes, the game may come across an unexpected error or bug in the game's coding. These usually cause the player to crash to desktop, but in some instances, a notification will appear.

Logging in on Another Computer


If you log in to your account on another computer while logged in, the computer that was logged in first will disconnect you from the game. If you did not disconnect yourself on purpose, and it's someone else logging on, it is recommended you change your password immediately, as your account may have been compromised.

Account Suspension

Main Article: Account Suspension

If a player uses foul language multiple times in-game after being warned, they will be forcibly disconnected from the game. The player will be unable to log back in until they contact Customer Support or wait for the account suspension to be lifted.

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