Dagger gouge
Drain Voodoo is a special weapon skill that allows the wielder of the Lost Sword of El Patron, World Eater Blade, Bitter End, Deepwater Blade and Barnacle Breaker to steal the enemy's voodoo with every strike of the blade. Drain Voodoo is a passive and rare weapon skill, and is activated automatically, it is similar to Voodoo Damage but gives to voodoo to the Pirate instead of just taking it. Even if the user himself/herself doesn't need the Voodoo, it will still dish out Voodoo damage equal to a smaller percent of the total damage dealt, smaller than that of Voodoo Damage.
Drain Voodoo Rank Effect
1 ???
2 ???
3 11% of All Damage Dealt Damages Voodoo and Restores the User's own Voodoo


El Patron - clearer


World Eater - clearer

Barnacle Breaker



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