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What Makes A Potion Expert From A Potion Newbee

Making a potion takes effort. Time. Thinking. If you sit there and drop potion parts in the same zone, then move on when the column is too high, your a potion newbee. If you drop a certain potion in a certain area, then do it with other ingredients, forming bases for each, you can always succeed and make your potion, your a potion Expert. Now if your a newbee, I'm gonna show you how to get from not even knowing what a potion is, to mastering your potions and using Shrinking Grog to enjoy some cheap laughs. If your a expert, I'll show you how to become a master. Either way, get ready to be making Alligator Souls and more.

Potion Techniques - The Difference From Lvl 1 to Lvl 20

Potion Techniques are vitally important in the making of a potion. Say you have to make a lava extract. Put together two elements of lava leaving room for one other element in the middle so they wont mix. When you have it, then combine them, and you can make it even more faster.

Master Potions

A potion expert. Bring up to read the words.

Another technique is to make a "base" for each potion. Leave two spaces for each potion, this way they wont become mixed and you will make them faster and without mixing them and making it. ALWAYS have at least two spaces for a base.

Add more techniques as you figure them out

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