Stick Pirates
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Well, the Black Pearl Boss Battle is the completion of the story quest you work on since your a wee Lvl. 1 Pirate, to when your all the way to Lvl 40! Alot of times, you might fail and the Pearl will be sent to the depths, but, if ye are havin' that happening, continue reading and you'll sink the Goliath with two eye-patches on!

Gathering a Good Crew

When gathering a crew for the Black Pearl Battle sequence, you should higher players from 30 to 50. Levels lower then 30 can still be good, but, they usually will get knocked out in the first stage (navy guards), and they wont have that good of ammo. Try to get fury ammo mates, cause they come in handy at the Firebrand Guard Towers and the Goliath.

Stage 1: Defeat The Guards

Stage 1 is easy for a few 35-40 players, but for lower levels and lower sword levels, the guards can be quite a bother. A good tactic is to wait on the top deck and throw daggers, while the highest levels fight on the deck with their swords.

Stage 2: Sink the Frigates

Stage 2 is fairly easy, and you shouldn't waste your Fury shooters on the frigates, so, use lightning bolt. Have half of the crew on each side, so this way, the side that gets finished first can go help the other crew quickly, instead of them all having to switch.

Stage 3: Take Out The Guard Towers

This is actually the hardest stage, not the Goliath, in my opinion. Use Lightning and Firebrand on the first tower, but the next three should be Lightning and Fury only, more Fury then Lightning if possible. The captain should use Open Fire on the first tower, but Take Cover on the rest, as they can shoot Firebrand and cause a lot of damage to the Pearl.

Stage 4: Defeat The Goliath

The Goliath isn't that hard if you have good shooters. You can even take it out solo! I really have no tips for it, but you should try to stay out of firing range, because what it lacks in armor, it makes up for in ammo.

Black Pearl

The Black Pearl charges into battle against the Goliath.

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