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Rumors travel fast in the Caribbean. Rumor was the EITC were planning an all out assault on the Pirates of the Caribbean. Believe what you will, but know this, Port Royal was destroyed by a massive explosion - one that could have only been caused if every cellar on Port Royal was filled to the brim with barrels and casks of gunpowder!

After the destruction of Port Royal, Pirates, merchants and townsfolk demanded an official investigation.Lord Beckett, the wretch that he is, passed the destruction off as a "blessing in disguise," and refusing further explanation, the EITC set upon rebuilding the town. The events and EITC's hesitancy to address them left most folks believing the EITC was concealing something much more than a plot to rid the Caribbean of a few troublesome Pirates.

Determined to discover the truth, the Pirate Brethren met in secret to discuss the recent events. They concluded whatever happened on Port Royal could happen again and they knew it was an omen for things to come. But why would the EITC destroy a town they depended on so heavily for trade? Something or someone else was involved but no one was talking. To complicate matters further, the EITC increased the number of ships patrolling the waters off Tortuga.

Eager to help turn the tide, Captain Walter, leader of the Marceline guild, has been leading raids on EITC ships and encouraging Pirates all over the Caribbean to do the same. Pirates now turn their eyes toward Tortuga where the EITC has been recently seen unloading crates and barrels of "goods."

To be continued ...

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