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EITC Behemoth is a heavy War Galleon, one of the biggest, and most dangerous ships at sea in service to the East India Trading Company. This vessel carries five Deck Cannons and twelve Broadside Cannons on each side. They have been seen at Levels 40-42.

They attack with Firebrand Broadsides and shoot powerful Explosive rounds from the deck cannons. Due to these powerful explosive rounds, it is best to shoot off the ship's sails and sink her from afar. These rounds also make Behemoths one of the deadliest ships afloat, and they should be avoided by weaker ships, especially light ships. They can be found in the Hinterseas, and sometimes in the Uncharted Waters between Rumrunner's Isle and Isla Perdida, some Behemoths are known to hide out around Isla Cangrejos, East of Kingshead, and sometimes at SvS arena.

Game Note

Originally, the Behemoth was a flagship but was later changed to a normal vessel.

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