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The EITC Tyrant is a sub-class of powerful Heavy War Frigates in service of the East India Trading Company. They only appear during EITC Treasure fleets and have not appeared anywhere else.They are also one of the most powerful EITC ships. These ships act as escorts for the various Ships of the Line in the EITC's Treasure Fleets. They are nearly impossible to defeat in battle, and will not hesitate to sink any ship that attacks.

These vessels can unleash massive and brutal barrages of Firebrand rounds from the deck cannons and extremely powerful Explosive broadsides, and can fire at a much faster rate and further than other ships of the same class. Not even the bravest pirates will take these ships lightly. A Tyrant has the ability to sail even after all its sails have been destroyed.

Their dark, thick armor makes them much more durable than any other War Frigate to date. They appear at Level 69-71, comparable only to the escort ships in service to Royal Navy, the Royal Navy Elites. Tyrants can be considered an improved form of the rare EITC Juggernaut.

Game Note:

  • EITC Tyrants can fire from near-impossible distances with amazing accuracy, and can target up to five ships at a time.
  • Currently, the EITC Tyrants have a much more elaborate EITC symbol on their sails than shown on the picture.
  • The EITC Tyrant and the Navy Elite are some of the strongest war frigates in the Caribbean.
  • They will always appear in groups of five and attack together.
  • Currently the Ships appear with a hull similar to the fortune hunter upgrade eccept in black and grey instead of red and black

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