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Hey guys, if you don't know,  I am Elizibeth Red Fire and I have 3 guides on this wiki, the 3rd being this one! I have gotten a lot of questions about double logging. Usually, the game launcher prevents you from launching the game twice, BUT with this simple step process, you will be a master! Lets get started, whats IS double logging? Well, double logging is when having 2 or more pirates logged in on the same computer at the SAME time. Note: You CANNOT have 2 pirates on the same ACCOUNT logged it at the same time or else you will get disconnected. By doing this, you don't have to have multiple computers running multiple instinces of the game. I use this to get more reputation points while leveling my pirates they work great when using my new leveling guide I am making with my good friend, Charles Warmonk.


Lets dive in!

How to

Step 1. Open the Task Manager. If you don't know how to open this, press Control + Alt + Delete Note: this is NOT your backspace button, it is located to the lower right of it. Once you press those buttons, click " Open Task Manager. " Another Way to get to the Task manager is to use the " run ' program. To get to this run command, go to your start menu, (the bottom left of your desktop). Go to the search bar within, abd search " Run ". a program will open up. Type " Taskmgr " in the box excacly like that. ( Copy and paste if you wish ). After this, complete te rest of the steps within. GOOD LUCK!  

Step 2. Look near the top on your task manager window. and click the "Processes " tab.

Step 3. Look for Launcher1.exe this is kinda hard to find because everything is jumping around.

Step 4. Click on Launcher1.exe then go to the bottom right of the task manager and click " End Process ".

Step 5. Launch the game launcher and you can log in on a different account!

Note: This is NOT hacking the game in any way shape or form!

Note: USE THIS CAREFULLY I am not responsible for any damage that comes by this!

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