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Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger was once an infamous pirate captain with a bad temper and a thirst for power. Transformed into the undead after an ill-fated poker game with a Voodoo witch doctor, Jolly Roger has discovered new powers that allow him to raise the dead. He plans to take over the Caribbean and proclaim himself a Pirate Lord, and he will do anything to accomplish his goal.

Enemies 1

Undead Skeletons

These horrors are the creations of Jolly Roger, who uses his dark powers to raise the rotting remains of dead pirates to do his evil bidding. They can be found on land or manning ghostly ships at sea. Beware –– the undead are ruthless in battle.

Undead Skeletons Chart

Type Level
Undead Gravedigger 1-3
Undead Bandit 2-5
Undead Pirate 4-8
Undead Witchdoctor 7-11
Undead Brigand 12-18
Undead Grenadier 17-23
Undead Executioner 22-28

Undead Gypsy

Undead Raider 27-33
French Undead Quartermaster 10-15
French Undead Maitre 15-20
French Undead Lieutenant 20-25
French Undead Capitaine 25-30
Spanish Undead Conquistador 10-15
Spanish Undead Bandido 15-20
Spanish Undead Pirata 20-25

Spanish Undead Capitan


Cursed Creatures

Jolly Roger's dark powers aren't limited to raising pirates from the dead. He has reached out to taint many natural creatures, twisting them into unholy monsters fighting by his side. Undead Alligators, Bats, Wasps, Crabs, and Scorpions lurk everywhere, and they're not easy to defeat. Giant Venus Flytraps may be growing where pirates least expect them. Beware, too, of the deadly stalking tree Stumps –– they threaten a horrible end.

Game Tip: Keep in mind that Codes work only once and expire after 48 hours if unused. So, when you give one of your real world Friends a Code, make sure they use it as soon as they can.

East Inda Trading Company

Black Guard

Avoid these blaggards unless you're ready for a nasty fight. These elite mercenaries are in the employ of the East India Trading Company, and they obey their own laws -- or rather, the laws deemed convenient by Lord Cutler Beckett, the ruthless guiding hand behind the EITC.

The Royal Navy

The Royal Navy is charged by the Crown with keeping peace in the Caribbean, protecting the shipping lanes, and most important, capturing pirates. Unfortunately for the Crown, some Navy officers aren't as honest as perhaps they should be. The Caribbean is as corrupt as it is beautiful, and it has proven easy to grow lax so far from home. Instead of protecting civilians, many Navy officials extort gold under the pretense of "taxes" and generally oppress anyone they think they can push around. Some officers and guards can be bribed –– others turn their heads when crimes are committed. But all Navy personnel are still formidable fighters and should be approached with great caution.

Queen Anne's Revenge & Her Vile Crew

Blackbeard's notorious flagship, the Queen's Anne Revenge, strikes a scarlet profile on the high seas, as well as dread into Pirates' hearts. Cutting a quick path over open water, She boasts strong defenses and lethal armaments. Engage with caution!

The Queen Anne's Revenge reportedly sails full of wealth and treasure plundered from many ill-fated victims. But should any gold-hungry Pirates seek to grapple on deck, Her soulless crew awaits with deadly determination to repel all boarders. These seafaring terrors sail shackled to Blackbeard's indomitable will and trust me, matey - they take no prisoners.

Game Tip: Board the Queen Anne's Revenge armed with the enigmatic Sword of Triton. Those soulless horrors fall faster beneath the blade's special ability: Triton's Vengeance

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