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Evil Eye is a weapon skill that allows a pirate to attune a target to their voodoo doll from a distance, simply by staring at it. Evil Eye is charged over time when the doll is equipped. It will attune as many enemies and pirates that it passes through, to the maximum amount, a user can have attuned at one time.

Voodoo Dolls

This is a list of all the Voodoo Dolls with the Evil Eye ability.

Gaze Binder Voodoo Doll SightBinderDoll FarBinderDoll SpiritBinderDoll Soul Binder Doll

EvilDoll Wicked doll Unholy Doll - clearer Villainy doll - clearer
Tyranny Doll
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WitchDoctorDoll Bewitcher doll Siren Doll
Occult Doll Banshee Black Magic Doll

Note: The Witch Doll Weapon Group is the only group with Rank 3 of this ability.

  • The expression "Evil Eye" refers to when a person tries to show off and/or make someone jealous of what they have; when they lose this object "It's because they got the evil eye" (from the person they made jealous or as punishment).

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