Cutlass parry
is a special defensive skill. This defense skill makes your pirate automatically dodge one melee attack when the weapon that has the ability is equipped. It is most commonly found with Sabres and Daggers due to their being quick and light to handle advantage. This skill could be good for the new pirates to the game.

Feints are maneuvers designed to distract or mislead, done by giving the impression that a certain maneuver will take place, while in fact another, or even none, will.


The following weapons use the skill:


Hawk Sabre Falcon Sabre Eagle Sabre 2010-12-05 Greathawk1
Screenshot 2012-08-02 17-20-26


Survival Daggers

Survival Dagger Card Wilderness Dagger Card Jungle Dagger Card Swamp Dagger Card Bayou Dagger Card

Duelist's Dagger

Throwing Knives

SurvivalThrowingKnives WildernessThrowingKnives
Jungle Throwing Knives Swamp Throwing Knives Bayou Throwing Knives

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