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The explosion rocked the entire island and sent a shockwave as far away as Devil's Anvil. Some think the explosion was the work of another devil - Jolly Roger himself - while some would rather believe the fault lies on a careless EITC soldier that forgot about the large, underground stash of explosives the Company intended to use on Pirates. Nonetheless, Padres was the last island to be destroyed in a chain of explosions that also reshaped Port Royal and Tortuga. Things were changing in the Caribbean and at a quick pace.

After the destruction of Padres, curiously the EITC were seen less frequently around all the islands and had significantly reduced their numbers at sea. Most Pirates attributed this to the successful attacks led by the Founder Brethren in the days before Padres was destroyed. Whatever the EITC's plan was, it had backfired - in more ways than one. The Company it seemed was now returning to backroom plots and conspiracies for another way to rid the Caribbean of the Pirate scourge.

Some savvy Pirates believe Jolly Roger is in cahoots with the EITC, since his undead ships were also seen in the fray. But why would Jolly interrupt the EITC's plan? If anything, would Jolly Roger not benefit from a war where poor Pirate souls lost in battle add to his ranks? It just didn't add up - something else is afoot.

To this day the EITC continue to deny any accusations that they were planning an all-out assault on the Pirates of the Caribbean, meanwhile Pirates wonder what alliance has been forged between Jolly Roger and the EITC - and how the union will affect them.

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