Grenade fire bomb
Grenade explosion
Fire Bomb

Fire Bomb is a flammable grenade that sets fire to its surroundings. When thrown, this grenade erupts into a fire ball. Any enemy struck will take damage, plus continue to take damage as the flames burn.

Increasing this ability will increase the amount of damage and time the flames burn.

Rank Damage Burn
1 66 to 131 20 seconds
2 165 to 213 25 seconds
3 116 to 232 30 seconds
4 153 to 306 35 seconds
5 175 to 350 40 seconds

They can be purchased at any gunsmith, once a pirate has the Flame Burst grenade skill.

  • Requires: Grenade Level 8 to unlock.
  • Cost: 8 Gold for 10 Flame Burst grenades.

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