GMS recruit crews

Founder's and GM's recruit crews was an event hosted by the Game Master's of the Marceline Guild. Player's met on the beach of Devil's Anvil where the GM's started crewing mates for their crew's. Founders also joined in by stepping up and leading crews along side the GM's. Noted founder's by Disney who helped to lead crews include Dracon, Grace Goldeagle, Lawrence Swordhawk, Achilles and Pretty Polly.

This event was posted shortly after the destructions of Port Royal and Tortuga. This was an event used to take down trouble some East India Trading Company ships who were assumed and noted to be the cause behind the destructions of the islands. During this time many high level EITC ships could be found roaming the waters around Padres del Fuego, of these ships the elusive Juggernaut was very commonly seen filled with much high price chests.

The reason behind the increase in EITC ships around Padres del Fuego was that it was assumed to be the next target of destruction. It was noted that barrels of explosives were found within the caves of Padres and the EITC had caused some suspicious activity on Padres lately. It was also seen with the destructions of Tortuga and Port Royal. Many crews and pirates bravely took down many EITC ships during this event. Sadly their work was in vain for the EITC ended up destroying Padres del Fuego anyways.

Event Times

Saturday and Sunday, March 21st and 22nd of 2009 from 11AM to 2PM PST Friday, March 27th of 2009 from 4PM to 6PM PST. Servers that were used included Caicaba, Caicama, Caicaux, Caicos, Caicumal.

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