Note: This article refers to content from a seasonal event, which usually reoccurs once every year.

Each 4th of July week, amazing fireworks can be seen in the night sky, just off the shores of Port Royal, Tortuga, Padres Del Fuego, and on a ship off the coast of the aforementioned islands. Despite the fact that Independence Day itself wouldn't have been created in America for nearly another three decades or so. This holiday is celebrated in game for the independent spirit of the Caribbean buccaneers who defy living under the cruel command of the EITC rule! Also the bright, colorful, and vibrant outfit Snapdragon is available for a limited time.

Legend claims, pirates from the Far East invented fireworks, which; once ignited, shoot into the skies and explode in a cascade of bright colorful lights and sparks.
— POTCO Grog Blog
Fourth of July popup


Below is the soundtrack played during events with Fireworks.

Music fireworks

Game Notes:

  • The Fireworks can only be seen at nightfall, which occurs near the top of each hour.

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