Jack and gib

Rule #1 of the Pirate's Code - Befriend others wisely

A pirate can try to sail these treacherous waters alone, but it's best to sail with mates you can trust. And trust is worth more than gold when it comes to pirates. After all, would you turn your back on just any dog when it comes to plunder?

A friend is another pirate/player that the player wishes to work with, assist, or keep in contact with. Friends can be added to a Friends list of pirates the player can maintain. There is a limit of 100 Pirate Friends and also 100 Player Friends.

In Pirates of the Caribbean Online, a Friend could come in one of two forms.

Pirate Friend

PirateFriendIcon Pirate Friend - Click to ask the pirate to become your friend or delete them as a friend.

Player Friend

PlayerFriendIcon Player Friend - Click to ask the player to be your friend, regardless of which pirate or Disney online game they're playing. Clicking on this again will allow you to discontinue the friendship.

To that end, you can select Player Friend instead of Pirate Friend. The advantage is that no matter what pirate you or they are playing, you can still whisper, challenge or Go To them.

Also See True Friend.

Adding Friends

To ask another player to be your friend, simply click on the character or select their name from the crew or guild list, then select the Friend option.

An invitation will be sent to the pirate to become friends. If they accept by clicking OK, then they will appear in your Friend List.

Hint - Some pirates try and 'friend' every pirate they encounter. But, one of the first rules of the Pirate's Code is to make friends carefully. Also, some other pirates consider random friending rude.

Friend List

The friends list can be called up in game by pressing the F key to bring up the Hearties menu or click on the Sea Chest then the Mug Logo. Select the Friends tab is selected in that menu.

If a friend is currently online, they will appear at the top of the list, with a green indicator light. Absent friends will appear greyed out with a red indicator.

A player may only have a finite number of friends (100). After this point, other players will get an error message if they try to befriend you and you will not be able to add more Pirate Friends. Once this limit is exceeded, the only option is to remove another friend from the list before adding more.

However, at times you may see more than 100 listed. This is because the Friend list will also show the pirate of any Player Friend who is currently online.

Friend Options

By clicking on the Friend's name from the list, their Pirate Profile shows.