Full sail2
Sail full sail

Full Sail is a Sailing skill that makes your ship go faster for a brief burst of speed. This skill is unlocked at Sailing Level 2. When the captain calls it out, the ship zooms ahead until the time has elapsed.

To use this skill, press '3' on your keyboard or click on the Full Sail icon FullSail at the bottom of your screen while you are sailing.

Increasing this skill will increase the amount of time the ship sails at top speed.

When you use Full Sail, your pirate will say; "Full speed ahead!" or Full Sail!

Rank Duration
1 10 Sec.
2 12 Sec.
3 15 Sec.
4 17 Sec.
5 20 Sec.
Only with Speed Rigging Boost
6 21 Sec.
7 22 Sec.
Only with Sailing Item Boost and Speed Rigging Boost.
8 23 Sec.
9 ? Sec.
10 ? Sec.

Game Note: To take full advantage of this skill, wait until you are already sailing at full speed and click Full Sail.

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