Fuller Blacksmith
Icon blacksmith

A Port Royal blacksmith, operated by Philip Fuller. The shop offers traditional fare of cutlasses, daggers and dagger belts.

Edward Truespinner, a local trainer, also works in the shop. He offers pirates an opportunity to re-hone their skills.

Fuller Exterior

Weapons in Stock

The following items are available from Wallace.


Name Cost Damage
Rusty Cutlass Free 6
Short Cutlass 220g 16
Battle Cutlass 430g 26
Ornate Cutlass 680g 36
Iron Sabre 430g 13
Steel Sabre 700g 20
Small Broadsword 740g 32
Steel Broadsword 1,040g 41


Name Cost Damage
Small Dagger 610g 11
Steel Dagger 2,210g 21
Combat Dagger 4,810g 31

Throwing Knives

Name Cost Damage
Small Throwing Knives 800g 8
Iron Throwing Knives 2,810g 15

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